Residencia San Nicolas

Year: 2008
Area: 480m²
Location: San Nicolás, Montevideo
Type: Residencia Unifamiliar.

A tower covered in stone indicates the access and articulates the volumetry of the house. On the left, the most public part of the house with a large high-rise living room topped by a gabled roof. On the right a two-level volume and garage. We chose simple noble aging materials, such as stone, wood, exposed brick. The rear and lateral facades, evidence the type "L" distribution of the plant. The house is more permeable to the bottom, a covered gallery extends the interior to the outside. It continues with the same formal and material aesthetics of the main façade.
The dimensions of the property allow to realize a large garden, with ample extensions of green for recreation. The location of the pool is strategic, not far from the house, and in a privileged orientation for sunny hours. The distribution of the house is in the "L" type, the staircase articulates the spaces. Towards the front, the most public is located, like a double-height living room, and in the background an intimate being linked to the kitchen and the gallery with a barbecue. Upstairs are 4 bedrooms of generous dimensions.